OTHS Student
Instrument Service Program

OTHS band students are invited to take advantage of this unique opportunity to keep their
personal instrument in top playing condition using this on-site repair service.

Program Details

1) Coverage is for a one-year period beginning on June 1, 2024.
2) Cost per instrument for this period is $60 (per instrument). This fee is due and
payable before said coverage can take effect.
3) This Program covers repairs and adjustments necessitated by the normal wear and tear
of everyday use of your personal instrument.
4) This Program assumes that the student’s instrument is in good working order at the
inception of the period (subject to instrument inspection by qualified Halpin Music
Company personnel).
5) Repairs that are deemed beyond “normal wear and tear”- or that require additional
shop facilities- will be repaired at our off-site shop and will be subject to our normal
repair rates at the customer’s expense.
6) Free loaner instruments will be available while student’s personal instrument is in
our shop

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